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Stunning 14k Yellow Gold Initial Bar Ring

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It's stylish, inspiring, and charming in its simplicity. Imagine the look on her face when you present this ring as a gift with her initial on it.

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What an upgrade on your part when you start wearing this 14k yellow gold Initial Bar Ring.

It's stylish, inspiring, and charming in its simplicity. Imagine the look on her face when you present this ring as a gift with her initial on it.

This ring is also available in 18k solid yellow gold. To determine your ring size, see our Custom Jewelry sizing guide page. 

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SKU Initial Bar ring

Pendants :

  • One name or word per pendant.
  • One capital letter per pendant.
  • If name is longer than 8 letters, the necklace should be in double thickness.
  • The chain length mentioned at our website does not include the pendant.
  • The size of the pendant varies according to the name and style.
  • The average pendant size is:
    0.75 – 2 inch/ 2 – 5 cm
  • Pendant Height 5-7 mm
    0.2" - 0.25"

Rings :

  • Please check our Ring size guide to determine the size of the ring
  • Up to 8 letters possible, in Monogram you can select up to 3 letters

Monogram :

  • All monogram jewelry is up to 3 letters Max.

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