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The Infinity name necklace is the hottest trend in the online jewelry world. Infinity symbol designs are quite popular on all forums and online jewelry shops.

The infinity symbol was used both in ancient and modern times. It is a considered a lucky charm and has deep meanings in spirituality, meditation, and love. Its popularity has entered the world of art, fashion, and jewelry design.

From couples to friends, the infinity symbol is an expression of commitment. Wearing an infinity necklace gives you a cozy feeling of having received a gift from someone dear who is devoted to cherishing you forever. Whether you want to give someone a special symbol or nurture your love for jewelry, an infinity jewelry piece is the right choice for you.

What Does the Infinity Symbol Mean?

Do you have a fondness for personalized jewelry? Do you want to know what the infinity sign means? If yes, then this is the one-stop spot for you to learn about its real meaning.

The English word infinity comes from the Latin "infinitas," which means endless. Infinity is something that cannot be measured; it is long-lasting.  

Infinity is used to describe something endless, exceedingly great, or without bounds. Most of us were first introduced to the infinity symbol in math class when we were taught that numbers are infinite, because we can count forever, going higher and higher, never reaching an end. The shape of the infinity symbol is such that it goes round and round in a sideways figure-8 loop, a path with no end.

The infinity symbol represents a life of balance and simplicity, love, power, beauty, and spirituality.

You have probably seen the infinity sign around in various forms, yet the most popular manner of wearing it is in modified jewels. When we look around, we can see the popularity of the infinity symbol. People like to choose this symbol when purchasing jewelry because of its elegant shape and symbolic meanings. When selecting what piece of jewelry to wear, it's nice to know what the symbol means.  

"The infinity sign loops round and round, with no end”

History of the Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol history is centuries old. The first documented use of the infinity symbol was by the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655. He used it to represent the series of unlimited entities. This mathematical use of infinity led to further applications of the concept and symbol in other fields, including physics, philosophy, the social sciences, mysticism, art and culture.

The infinity symbol has also been referred to as Lemniscate, which means "ribbon" in Greek, as it looks like a ribbon. The symbol evolved from the Etruscan numeral for 1000 which looked like two letter Cs facing each other and the letter 'I' between them (CIƆ). 

The infinity symbol has been found in both modern and ancient times. Today, the infinity symbol is seen in tattoos, paintings, graphic design, and other various forms of artwork. As time went on, jewelers also embraced the infinity symbol sensation and began designing infinity jewelry and infinity name necklaces.

The Infinity Symbol in Jewelry and Art

The infinity symbol is associated with different abstract concepts in several fields. Aside from its mathematical and scientific applications, the sentimental interpretations of this symbol made the infinity sign and infinity jewelry popular among the public. In jewelry design and art, the infinity symbol represents unceasing hope and everlasting love. Many also associate it with the attribute of loyalty.

There have been variations in infinity symbol art and design since the 17th century, but it has always been fashionable in the world of jewelry. Owning infinity jewelry validates you as a rightful art lover.

Infinity Meaning in Religion, Spirituality and Meditation

The infinity sign has deep roots in spirituality and meditation. It symbolizes faith, spirituality, and ethical beliefs.

The infinity symbol is also found in various religions, such as Christianity, Daoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Local religious views of the symbol can differ from perspectives in other parts of the world. Nevertheless, regardless of faith and region, they all interpret its meaning similarly. Our physical presence in this world is finite, but our souls are everlasting, infinite.

Focusing on the infinity symbol in meditation, we bring balance, clarity, harmony, peace, and wholeness into our thoughts and being.

Religions believe in an Eternal Being, God, as infinite. Thus, people also choose to wear infinity bracelets and infinity name necklaces to show their love and commitment to their faith.

The Infinity Symbol as a Sign of Love

"Love is infinite, everlasting"

In ancient India and Tibet, men and women wore the infinity sign to represent love, as love has no boundaries. For couples, the infinity symbol carries a special meaning. When someone is in love, their love holds no bounds; it is infinite. Thus, infinity bracelets and name necklaces are a meaningful gift to express your love to another. People also like to give engraved jewelry with hearts or a double infinity sign to express their affection.

The infinity sign denotes eternity. When you give infinity personalized jewelry to a loved one, you are declaring "We are together forever".

Importance in Fashion

In the world of fashion, the infinity symbol is becoming increasingly popular. It is a sign of grace and simplicity with classic beauty. As a status symbol, the infinity sign adds elegance to style. However, people also widely use this sign with all  types of outfits to make it look more chic. The infinity symbol has gained popularity in modern times.

The infinity symbol personalized jewelry is an excellent choice with any outfit and style.

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