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Biblical and Spiritual Meaning of the Anchor - Read on to learn more

The Anchor Symbol and Its Meaning

It's nice to know the meaning behind the jewelry symbol that you wear. The anchor is a symbol frequently found in jewelry design. As a jewelry lover, you have probably seen this sign often and may be curious as to what the anchor represents. Anchors have been used on ships for thousands of years to keep the vessel in place and safe during storms. Anchors also hold a special meaning in the world of personalized gold jewelry. 


What does an anchor symbolize?

"It is the anchor that helps and gives us hope to pass through the storms."

Anchors are used by all types of sea vessels: ships, boats, yachts, fishing vessels, etc. The anchor is used to keep the vessel from drifting and crashing about in stormy weather. Sailors also use the anchor to keep the boat in a specific place. Thereby, the anchor symbol has taken on the meaning that you will never drift off or lose your way. The following are additional popular representations of the anchor symbol:

  • The sea and sailing
  • Safety and stability during hard times
  • A sign of hope and positive outlook
  • Determination
  • Trust and confidence
  • Good luck
  • Strength and support
  • Eternal love

The anchor also has other meaningful associations related to various faiths. Let's look into them.

The origin of the anchor

The anchor is a nautical term. The word originates in Old English from the Latin word ancora and the Greek word ankyra.

What does the anchor symbolize in Christianity?

The anchor became a key Christian symbol during the period of the Roman Empire between 64AD and 313AD. During this time, practicing Christianity was banned, so Christians sought secret ways of displaying their faith. In lieu of wearing the sign of the cross, which the Romans forbade, many devout Christians took to wearing the nautical anchor symbol which contains the shape of the cross within it. The anchor symbol combined a nautical sign and Christian cross as a symbol for hope and a fresh start.

The meaning of anchor in the Bible

The Bible contains verses with the word anchor. When the word anchor appears in Scripture, it is used to convey intense feelings, steadfastness, and hope. Because of this association, people like to wear personalized gold jewelry and name necklaces with an anchor sign.

The spiritual meaning of the anchor

In the world of dreams and spirituality, the anchor has many meanings. To dream of an anchor is good news for sailors. For others, dreaming of an anchor symbolizes foreign travel. In psychology, the anchor represents security, stability, and hope. Thus, wearing a solid gold name necklace with an anchor pendant signifies a good omen.

Symbolic gold jewelry with the anchor sign

From the above, we see that the anchor symbol has deep roots in religion, faith, spirituality and love. This is why people choose to wear the name necklace and personalized gold jewelry with the anchor symbol. Here at Personalized Jewelry, we provide unique types of solid gold name necklaces and jewelry available in the market.

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