Highest Selection of Arabic Name Jewelry

We have a vast selection of Arabic name jewelry that you can choose from in our online jewelry store. The name that will go on the jewelry can be any name that you want because we custom design all of our personalized Arabic name jewelry for our customers. You will have one of two options for the naming of your jewelry. You can either use your full name or we can create a monogram of your initials.

Regardless of what your choice is, the name or initials put on the jewelry will be crafted in Arabic text. The Arabic personalized jewelry  types available include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other accessories. The materials of our jewelry selection include gold plating, sterling silver, white gold, and even solid gold. As you can see, there is something for everybody here.


Simply navigate through the jewelry selections that are available on the website. Each jewelry piece has a picture of what the Arabic name design will look like. Yours wont look exactly like the picture because the name will be different, but the craftsmanship and color will be the same. When you are ready to add a piece of jewelry to your virtual shopping cart, you will be asked to type in the name that you want the jewelry to read in Arabic. Dont worry because you dont have to actually know Arabic. You can simply provide your name in English text and our bilingual team of jewelers will translate the name into Arabic text when they craft the jewelry piece for you. There are also additional options available for you to select, depending on the type of jewelry you pick. For example, the necklace pieces give you the option to choose your desired chain length and others even let you select the type of birthstone you want crafted into the jewelry or necklace. You will also be given the option to either include a greeting card with your jewelry or have a greeting remark engraved into the jewelry alongside your name.




We have some of the most affordable personalized Arabic name jewelry you can buy on the market today. Whether you want the extremely affordable gold plated jewelry or the more expensive solid gold kind, you will find both are still priced way less than our competitors. We also offer silver. On top of that, we thrive to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction by creating our Arabic name jewelry to the exact specifications of our customers. If you have any questions or concerns about our custom Arabic name jewelry pieces then please use the contact information on the Customer Service page and we will address your concerns as quickly as possible.

Thank you! and have a wonder day.