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                                Date - 27/09/2014

                                Writer - Ralph Jose


How and Why a Name Necklace Became So Popular

Whether you are looking for a cheap home made piece or an exclusive piece of jewelry you can be sure that when it comes to ornaments, nothing beats a name necklace in popularity. There thousands of stores as well as online forums where you will be able to buy for yourself a high quality personalized name necklace. Even though they are in the same league as rings, bracelets and earrings name necklaces are in a class of their own. They provide a creatively fanciful gift that will be appreciated during any occasion. If you are not able to visit your local jewelry store you will still beat home in the World Wide Web.

Even though you could be forced to spend a considerable amount of money purchasing a high quality nameplate necklace you will have bought a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. These days there are those double thickness pieces that have been especially designed to keep your memories for just a little longer. When your loved one’s name is emblazoned on the name necklace they will be sure that the gift was not really an afterthought. Due to their durability personalize name necklaces rank among the top of the list gift items for loved ones.

There are those special occasions when loved ones look forward to receiving memorable gift items. You can bet a million dollars that a name necklace will beat all other ornaments hands down and the recipient will be very excited about for such a long time. You can have a customized name necklace made of gold or even crystal and because it is customized it will always remind them of you anytime it is worn. If you cannot afford those luxurious pieces you can find other name necklaces which are more affordable and you will only be limited by your imagination.

Name necklaces can be designed specifically into any word or form so as to fit the receiver’s individuality. It’s only your imagination and creativity that will limit you on what you can get out of this very popular gift item. A persona’s personality and charm can easily be reflected in this nameplate necklace and to prove that you just need to see how many celebrities are putting them on. These necklaces are becoming increasingly popular and every day there is something unique that comes to the market. Due to their uniqueness name necklaces are appreciated by all ages.


Article - 01/06/2014 by John Becman



Types of Gold (14K and 18K) and main differences 


Anyone interested in purchasing a good quality gold name necklace could have heard some terms referring to gold that may bring about some confusion. As gold customized name necklaces become vogue there are many good reasons people are running to gold. One of the reasons you will love to buy a gold name necklace is that this is one material that will not react to elements and as such it is not going to tarnish. Apart from just a few people who are allergic to gold, majority of the population is just fine with it. So then what are the main differences between 14K gold and 18K gold?

Gold ornaments such as name gold name necklaces may not necessarily be made out of pure gold and therefore a process known as alloying takes place.  Gold is mixed with some elements so that it becomes stronger that it usually is on its own. on its own pure gold is extremely soft and it needs to be mixed with other elements such as nickel, copper or may be silver in order to enhance the durability of your gold name necklace. That is what then the beginning of the different classifications of gold becomes.

When you are told that your personalized name necklace is made form 14K gold it simply means that it made from 58.3% gold whereas 18K gold name necklaces are made form 75% gold. Just by looking at it 18K gold is bound to be more yellowish in color since the tint is brought about by the much purer gold than what is found in its 14K counterpart. Apparently 18K gold appears to be more popular in Europe whereas Americans tend to prefer name necklaces with 14K gold. It is also advised that people who are physically active would also do well with 14K gold name necklaces as opposed to 18k Solid gold.

Anyone who wants a gold name necklace and is on a tight budget would also do well to consider a 14K gold one because the cost is going to be slightly lower than that of an 18K gold one. Even though the 14K gold nameplate necklace will be of slightly lesser value than the other one it is no lesser magnificent in quality and appearance; you therefore have no excuse why your woman should miss out on these piquant gold name necklaces. It should however be noted that you cannot tell the difference between the two by just looking at your gold name necklace with the naked eye and must look for the marking.


Article - 08/06/2014 by John Becman