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Learn more about the monogram jewelry trend

What is Monogram Jewelry?

Monogram jewelry is the latest fashion and goes well with every outfit. 
Monogram jewelry is attractive, trendy, and stylish. It lasts with time.

A monogram is a design that typically connects three, but sometimes two, four, or more letters. An elaborately drawn individual letter can also be considered a monogram. Initials of a person's name or that of a company or organization are often interlinked in flowy, Old English fonts. The artist's creativity can give rise to many unique calligraphic monogram configurations. 

The meaning of a monogram is linked to what initials they represent.

Clubs, sport teams, associations, schools, and sororities often like to create their own unique monogram logo. Couples will also sometimes choose to make a monogram combining the first and last initials of their names. The monogram becomes a symbol that represents you or the group for which it was made. It offers a sense of belonging, identity, and pride.

Today, you can add monogram jewelry to your personal collection or group gifts.

In What Order Should the Initials of a Monogram Be Set?

There is no right or wrong way for ordering the initials in a monogram. Place the letters in whatever order you want. However, if you are looking for what is traditionally done, here is some guidance.

A personal monogram typically consists of three initials for first, middle, and last names. In traditional monogram styles, the center letter is bigger than the ones on its sides. The initial of the last name will go in the center, first name initial will go on the left, and middle name initial goes on the right.

If a woman takes on her husband's last name when she marries, then for a couple's monogram, the middle initial will be the initial of their last name. The left letter will be the initial of her husband's first name, and the right letter will be the initial of her first name. It is also acceptable to switch positions for the husband and wife's initials, putting the husband's first name initial on the left and the wife's first name initial on the right.

Sometimes for a personal monogram after marriage, a woman will drop her middle name and use her first name initial on the left, her new last name initial in the center, and her maiden name initial on the right.

A monogram where all the letters are the same size/height, is called a block monogram. For block monograms, the initials are ordered in the same order as your name: first name initial (letter on the right), middle name initial (center letter), last name initial (left letter). For example, for the name Mary Jane Allen, the block monogram ordering would be MJA.

Block monograms are only used for personal monograms.

Why Monogram Jewelry?

After learning about monogram basics, let us now share with you the benefits of acquiring monogram jewelry. Following are some reasons why monogram jewelry is such a hit.

Why monogram jewelry is a best seller?

“Everything is perfect with the monogram.”

One reason for investing in monogram jewelry is its popularity.

A thoughtful present

If you are worried about what present to get for an upcoming party, look no further. Yes, monogram jewelry with a name or phrase is a great gift for anyone. You can customize the jewelry for men, women, or kids. We have a large selection to choose from.

Gift someone a monogram name necklace

If you are going to a friend's birthday party, you can give them a monogram name necklace. It makes an excellent gift! 

Monogram gold necklaces or bracelets also make lovely and heartwarming bridesmaid gifts.

You can personalize the necklace or jewelry however you want. It is one of the most adaptable and fashionable presents you can give to someone or even buy for yourself!

Sterling silver monogram necklace

If you are thinking of giving someone a custom name necklace, then a sterling silver monogram necklace is the right choice. Apart from the gift, you can wear the initials of your name or your loved ones’ names. A monogram necklace is an exquisite piece of jewelry.

Wearing a cool Sterling Silver monogram necklace adds style to your attire.



Monogram bracelets

Do you want to wear something with your initials? If yes, then we have the answer for you, monogram jewelry. You've heard of dog plates, nameplates, and name bars. Now, you can also wear engraved monogram jewelry as an added attraction to adorn your wrist.

Monogram men’s accessories

Monogram jewelry and accessories are not limited to women. Men are also welcome to enjoy this wonderful range of jewelry options. For men, engraved cufflinks, monogram name necklaces, and many other accessories are available. This is a terrific gift idea. Show the man in your life how special and valuable he is to you with a Personalized Jewelry monogram gift.

“An outfit is not complete without a paired monogram jewelry piece.”

In addition to the above items, you can also order rings and necklaces with initials to give a more personalized look. You also don't need to worry about getting a monogram children's necklace. You can easily order these too here. The variety of personalized items makes monogram jewelry a hot seller.

Where is the best place to buy monogram jewelry?

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