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Top 20 Boys & Girls Names of 2020


Picking a name for your child is a huge decision; there are your favorite names to pick from or naming your child after a relative that you want to honor who has passed on and deciding between each other a name you both want to call your child. It can take a long time to decide. You could be one of those people that has a list of names already decided on beforehand, and you use that list once you know what you are having. Choosing a name is a special opportunity you have as a parent.

You both get to choose the name for your sweet bundle that will carry them throughout life and is their identity to the world. Names are a unique part of you, you identify with it, and when your name is called, you know exactly who they are calling. That’s why many people and companies keep up with the latest trending names, so they can post them and allow you to check out a name you might use for your child. You can go for one of the top trending names, or you can pick your own special unique name for them.

Your baby, your choice. In case you were wondering about the top 2020 names of the year, here is a compiled list made just for you. These are beautiful names that will also go stunningly on personalized name necklace jewelry.


Top 20 Boys Names Of 2020

1.   Liam

2.   Noah

3.   William

4.   James

5.   Oliver

6.   Benjamin

7.   Elijah

8.   Lucas

9.   Mason

10. Logan

11. Alexander

12. Ethan

13. Jacob

14. Michael

15. Daniel

16. Henry

17.  Jackson

18.  Sebastian

19.  Aiden

20.  Matthew


Top 20 Girls Name Of 2020

1.   Emma

2.   Olivia

3.   Ava

4.   Isabella

5.   Sophia

6.   Charlotte

7.   Mia

8.   Amelia

9.   Harper

10.  Evelyn

11.  Abigail

12. Emily

13.  Elizabeth

14.  Mila

15.  Ella

16.  Avery

17.  Sofia

18.  Camila

19.  Aria

20.  Scarlett

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Good luck with choosing that special name you love; I’m sure it will be a beautiful name indeed, and congratulations on having your new bundle of joy.


Health, happiness, and success to you,


The Persjewel Team - The perfect name necklace jewelry for your loved one.