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Guide to Measuring Your Ring Size at Home


It's important to order the right ring size when you shop for rings online. Determining the ring size can be as easy as going to your nearest jeweler and measuring your finger. However, you can also determine your ring size at home using some quick and easy methods. Follow our simple procedures below for finding the proper ring size.


You should measure your ring size at home using various methods so that your ring calculation will come out accurate. Today, with the Internet connecting us around the globe, we rarely find it necessary to leave the comfort of our own homes. From home, we can run a business, exercise, and order food and other groceries. The same applies for checking your ring size before buying an exclusive engagement ring from the best jewelry shop or pointing one out to your partner. This can also be done from home.


Wedding rings have been shared as a token of love, honor and loyalty for many years. There is no beginning nor end to the circular ring that is symbolic of eternal unity. The practice of wearing the wedding ring on the left hand originates from the postulation that the vein of the fourth finger is closely connected to the heart.


Rings are crafted to last for a lifetime. They are rich with significance and symbolism. Since that's a nice thing about being together forever, getting the ring size is just as important.


Understanding Ring Size

When it comes to wedding and engagement rings, be aware of the following. Normal ring sizes are provided in millimeters, measured on the inner ring diameter. Like clothes, rings come in regular sizes. This means that for example, a size 6 for a woman will be the similar to a jeweler as a sweater size. If you have ordered rings from various jewelry companies in the past, then you are well aware that just like when you order a garment in size 6, it doesn't necessarily fit the same for all brands, so to is the case with ring sizes.  

How Can I Measure My Finger For A Ring?

We highly recommend that you use our printable ring sizing system if you have access to a printer since it is the quickest way of getting a precise measurement. You should use a string or a paper strip to measure your finger. Alternatively, you can use an existing ring if you don't have access to a printer.


How to Measure with a Ring Sizer?

Take a piece of rope, string, ribbon or a small strip of paper. Then, curl the paper or string at the knuckle around your finger. Label the place where the string or paper intersects, including its end accurately, with a pen. Put it next to a ruler or tape measure that has a millimeter-length scale.


To measure your ring size at home, follow these 3 steps accurately:


1.   Measure Your Finger

Among the simpler of methods for measuring your ring size, take a paper strip or string to determine your size. To start with, cut out such a piece of paper approximately. 3/4" width and 4" long. Place the paper from around the bottom of the finger and identify the overlaps of the paper. Your finger's length is the diameter of the paper you weighed by mm.


Using our conversion map to find the acceptable ring size after this calculation has been found. If the finger scale far below knuckle varies dramatically from the knuckle themselves, evaluate your knuckle and pick a size which goes perfectly into the center.


2.   Measure a Ring You Already Have


You can use a length to calculate the internal surface of this ring if you have a ring which already matches your finger. Taking your measurement and calculate directly around the side of the ring. Using our measurement conversion diagram to locate the ring size and calculate the diameter in millimeters.