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Do you need a stylish gold-plated monogrammed necklace, or perhaps a silver and diamond ring with the name of your love one engraved into it? PersJewel offers multitudes of monogrammed jewelry of all styles, types and materials. From lovers’ necklaces to friendship earrings, we have a gift for every occasion just waiting for your customizing touch. Just check out our Rose Collection, a series of beautifully rose-colored necklaces, some even with Swarovski crystals! All, of course, at a great affordable price, ready to be shared among friends, family, or your significant other.

Monogram personalized jewelry collection

Don’t speak English? Don’t worry! We at PersJewel also offer name jewelry in other languages. We’re quite globally friendly, in fact! We even have a selection of jewelry specifically with Arabic names; go ahead and check it out in our catalogue! Wherever you call home and whatever the language in which your name is written, we can create a beautiful wearable work of art just for you.

We make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, you name it we make it—for all kinds. Looking for something for your partner? Check out our Lovers’ selection for specifically designed jewelry for that special person you care about. Mother’s Day coming up? We have a section just for moms too! What about buying for your guy and not yourself? Don’t worry, there’s even a men’s section with appropriately stylized jewelry waiting for you to purchase. PersJewel attends to all kinds with personally manufactured jewelry.

Best Sellers collection of PersJewel Personalized Jewelry

If you aren’t even sure what size of initial jewelry to get we have a nifty sizing guide so that you get the perfect fit. We even have another guide about chain length in case of a necklace or a bracelet, so you know just how much chain you need when you buy. Each of our pieces comes with a warranty guarantee as well, so you know you are getting quality and integrity when you buy jewelry from us here at PersJewel.

If you want to know what’s new here at PersJewel, feel free to look around our New Arrivals, or if you want to see what’s selling best we’ve got a Best Sellers category as well. You can search through our site by  category, all of which have been carefully set up to ensure you know just where you are going and what you are looking at. And with each piece crafted specifically by jewelers, there’s no question of quality.

We want to make sure that you find the design, accessory, style and image that you desire out of jewelry. Our designers are already at the table working up new, fantastic designs for even more sparking accessories, just waiting to be added to our already impressive list of options.

Our earrings selection is nothing to laugh at, either! We’ve got plenty of beautiful earrings with initials and names, all designed to look up to date with the most current styles. Give your clothing a little something extra with a nice pair of earrings that show off your name to the world.

In the men’s selection you’ll find rings and pendants with and without Swarovski crystals, all at affordable prices. Each can feature initials, a full name or even nicknames if you want in a variety of manly styles. You don’t have to wear something sparkly to look amazing, and you don’t have to be a girl to have a little spice to your life!

Bracelets here at PersJewel are tastefully designed with a minimalist beauty. The only flourishes you’ll find are with the name designs themselves. Let your wrists jingle sweetly with a beautiful chain and monogramed name all tied in to one. It’s a great gift for a close friend or relative, and you can find it here for a great price!

The rings you can find here are second to none with beautiful designs and wonderful letter. You can get a ring for a single finger that is cut out with the letters of a name, or one that’s engraved with an initial. There are even rings that cover two fingers to make up the space, and rings in a modernist design that will appeal to senses and sensibilities alike. Like with all of our jewelry everything here holds that beautiful personalized touch that is hard to find anywhere else.

By far the show stopper of our collection at PersJewel is our necklace selection. A beautiful monogrammed and personalized necklace can drape tastefully about your neck. The varying lengths of chain easily turn each necklace from a simple choker to a long, flowing piece that will look great with your most formal evening wear.


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